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Seasickness is preventable.

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Do not ruin your and your parties Whale Watching adventure by being Seasick! It can happen to anyone in any type of seas from flat to raging and it is preventable. People who are prone to motion sickness in cars, airplanes, or carnival rides may also be more susceptible to seasickness. However, the motion on different ships affects people differently. Just because you get seasick in a small boat does not mean you will have problems on a larger boat or ship.

Here is a list of "Doctor Recommended" name brand remedies that work! Almost all are not available on Whale Watching boats so be prepared and check your local drug store, health store or online weeks before your trip or buy and be seasickness ready.  

BONINE: It’s said this is the best OTC remedy.

DRAMAMINE: “stick with it if it works” but beware it really makes people drowsy.

SEABAND: Acupressure - They work and are reusable.

MOTIONEAZE: An herbal remedy AND from what I have read it is the only one that will help “AFTER” you have already become sea sick but it's a 50/50 shot.

GINGER: Ginger settles your stomach quickly! Gin-Gins candy, Ginger Beer, Ginger Ale, Crystalized Ginger, Ginger Tea or Ginger pills.

PEPPERMINT and LAVANDER: Same as Ginger.

HYOSCINE AKA SCOPOLAMINE – IT IS NOT OTC! It is doctor prescribed and serious stuff if all else fails. Patch or Tablets (Not cheap).  

MUSIC – distraction, pop in your ear buds and crank the Grateful Dead or whatever music floats your boat.


TIPS: You need the seasickness remedies working in your system well in advance of your trip, especially Bonine or Dramamine. Take the remedy the night before your trip, as soon as you wake up and then right as the boat pushes off.

A good attitude – no joke. You can scare yourself into sea sickness, seen it happen. I have been told by many a captain. If you keep thinking about it, it’s going to happen.

(I was in the beer business and chartered a 6-pack fishing boat to take 5 buyers Striper fishing in Montauk. It was 6-10ft and nasty and we went out! This one idiot in the bunch that was on the boat was hungover, had a big breakfast before getting on the boat and was extremely worried about getting seasick that day. That idiot did get sick and that idiot was me! I had a few things going against me on the trip that day hungover, ate too much and was worried about it)

Do not be hungover or hit it hard the night before, honestly if you wake up dizzy just stay home. 

Do not eat a big meal or overdo it on the food.

Do not stay in the cabin. Do not lay down. You need to fight the seasickness, stand up and anticipate the rolling, hold onto the rail and be your own stabilizer.  

You need fresh sea air, an unobstructed view and always look to the horizon. While you’re at it look for whales and dolphins it will help take your mind off the sea sickness.

Stay off your computer and don't text or read a book. The rocking is different from a car or a train, it can get to you and if it does its hard to bounce back.

Back of the boat moves less than the front.

PLEASE do everyone on the boat a favor! – DO NOT get sick on or inside the cabin and especially not in the bathroom! You will make everyone around you who’s teetering on seasickness to get sick. Its a chain reaction and it aint pretty. 

You need to get up, get outside and get to the back of the boat, grab the rail and have at it. There is no shame in getting seasick!

If there is a question in your mind you may be hit with seasickness or the feeling is hitting you, grab a sickness bag (also known as a sick sack, airsick bag, airsickness bag, emesis bag, sick bag, barf bag, vomit bag or motion sickness bag) and keep it on you, just incase you cant get to the rail.


Please understand this fact – The Whale Watching boat is not going back or in early because anyone is seasick, no matter how much you beg! You will need to deal with your seasickness demons so be prepared because you do not have to be seasick!  


BTW Pictures never really show how intense the ocean is so if it looks nuts in photos chances are it was insane! In this picture of a Humpback Breaching I was 7 miles off and it was starting to get big 5-7ft+ and rough, you can somewhat see it in the photo. I followed the whale for a little while and gave myself two minutes more and I am going in, it was getting too rough for a 26ft boat. Seconds before I was turning the boat around, BOOM a big breach, I got the shot and  I high tailed back to the inlet. No...I did not get seasick.





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