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1 Humpback Ambrose

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JERRY'S BACK! NYC0011 aka “Jerry”, is Gotham Whale’s most famous whale in the NYC Humpback Whale Catalog. "Jerry the whale" is the whale in the famous photo of a spy hopping humpback whale in line with the empire state building. That photo has been given credit by some to have, and I think still is, raising worldwide awareness that Humpback Whales are in NYC waters.

The whale was named JERRY after "Jerry Garcia" for many reasons.

The whale almost always shows up in NYC in the days between August 1st (JG’s Birthday) and August 10th (JG’s Day of Death day).

I would see this whale in September, around the time the Grateful Dead would play MSG for 9-12 shows.

I always have the Grateful Dead playing in the background while I am whale watching on my personal boat "SHIP OF FOOLS”. This whale would always come directly to the boat when the dead was playing.

Jerry Garcia had a disability, missing part of his middle finger on his right hand. Jerry the whale has a disability, he was hit by a boat on the side of his Peduncle, a horrific prop scar remains.


Jerry’s timeline with me

2012 Sept, I saw Jerry (the Whale), around the time the Grateful Dead would play the Garden years back for 9-12 shows. It was brief encounter, Yes, I had the Grateful Dead playing and I didn't have a camera.

2013 I am in my boat the "SHIP OF FOOLS" it's Sept 23rd. I have the show from Sept 23, 1988, Madison Square Garden from the Grateful Dead playing, and it was loud! "SHIP OF FOOLS" the song just came on (Jerry Garcia sings it) and this Whale gently pops out of the water 6-8 feet from my boat (too close for a picture and comfort). It exhales, it smelt so bad and the smell surrounded me! Looks right at me with this giant brown eye! I am scared beyond belief (first close encounter) it takes a loud breath then I notice it has a healed prop chop on his side (almost gruesome). Jerry dives and then goes about Lunge feeding for an hour right by the boat. He must have loved the music, Jerry stayed close! I call the Whale Jerry because Jerry Garcia lost his finger but was an amazing guitarist despite his disability and the whale had a prop chop and it's still doing its thing in an amazing way, so...Jerry it is. From that day on anyone who would listen to me about whales KNOWS JERRY!

2014 - I went on the American Princess with Gotham Whale about 25 times this year, photographing whales but I have not seen jerry? On Aug 1st, Jerry Garcia's Birthday, I say before we go out, watch we see Jerry because it's Jerry Garcia's Birthday! We are out on the American Princess Aug 1st NOTHING out there for 3hours 45 minutes of a 4-hour tour! 15 minutes before the trip ends we see far of in the distance a Whale just going nuts! He was doing pectoral slaps, breaches, tail slaps, swimming upside down and sideways just going crazy, loving life! We get closer AND ITS JERRY!!! He must have just got into town and was very happy to be here. Seriously he must have just got into the waters he loves moments before we saw him. Jerry the whale is home off the rockaway's ON Jerry Garcia's Birthday.

2015 –I was on vacation in Block Island and had a calling to get back to the western NY Bight. I told my family, I gotta go “I know Jerry was going to show up off Rockaway and I have to be there. the days between August 1st JG’s Birthday and August 10th JG’s Day of Death day is when Jerry usually shows up. They thought I was nuts, I left block and the next day August 5th Jerry shows up! We saw Jerry many times in 2015 and If I am not mistaken Jerry took a break from the NYC area in Aug and went to Montauk and was seen there. He then returned and spent almost all of September with us here in the Western Bight.

2016 - Jerry did a no-show but that doesn’t mean he didn’t show, we might have just missed him out there?

2017 – August 17th I was out and briefly saw Jerry, spent an hour or so with him. Jerry was not seen the rest of the year.

2018 – I knew this year we will be seeing Jerry in the days between August 1st and August 9th.

August 4th, we go out and there were 5 whales, some close others far off. I see a dorsal that looked familiar, thinking it was Jerry but could not confirm.

August 5th see 4 whales one looks familiar…like JERRY. The whale was acting like Jerry, he like to be with other whales and plays around a lot. I don’t get excited because I can’t 100% confirm, but I know. I get home and dive into processing my photo to confirm. The findings – JERRY THE WHALE IS IN TOWN.


Don't tell me this town ain't got no heart, you just gotta poke around!


I love this short clip on Jerry - Every hear someone say "they said" in an explanation? When I hear someone say this I always say "who are they" In this instance Brian Williams says "they have dubbed"  the they in this story is me haha!


JERRY THE WAHLEJERRY THE WAHLENEW YORK - SEPTEMBER: Jerry the Humpback whale Lunge feeds, of NYC's Rockaway Peninsula. eating up as much Bunker fish it can before migrating south to warmer waters. September 6, 2014 in NEW YORK. (Photo by Artie Raslich) JERRY THE WAHLEJERRY THE WAHLENEW YORK - SEPTEMBER: Jerry the Humpback whale Lunge feeds, of NYC's Rockaway Peninsula. eating up as much Bunker fish it can before migrating south to warmer waters. September 6, 2014 in NEW YORK. (Photo by Artie Raslich) JERRY THE WAHLEJERRY THE WAHLENEW YORK - SEPTEMBER: Jerry the Humpback whale Lunge feeds, of NYC's Rockaway Peninsula. eating up as much Bunker fish it can before migrating south to warmer waters. September 6, 2014 in NEW YORK. (Photo by Artie Raslich) JERRY THE WAHLEJERRY THE WAHLENEW YORK - SEPTEMBER: Jerry the Humpback whale Lunge feeds, of NYC's Rockaway Peninsula. eating up as much Bunker fish it can before migrating south to warmer waters. September 6, 2014 in NEW YORK. (Photo by Artie Raslich) JERRY THE WAHLEJERRY THE WAHLENEW YORK - SEPTEMBER: Jerry the Humpback whale Lunge feeds, of NYC's Rockaway Peninsula. eating up as much Bunker fish it can before migrating south to warmer waters. September 6, 2014 in NEW YORK. (Photo by Artie Raslich) Jerry - the WhaleJerry - the WhaleJerry offLong Beach taking big gulps of Bunker! Jerry - the WhaleJerry - the WhaleJerry offLong Beach taking big gulps of Bunker! Jerry - the WhaleJerry - the WhaleJerry offLong Beach taking big gulps of Bunker!  

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4 Humpbacks AND 30 Dolphins (Jerry NYC0011)

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2 Humpbacks side by side

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2 Humpback 12 Dolphins

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1 Humpback 12 Dolphins

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Humpback whale in raritan Bay

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2 humpbacks nyc0071 raritan

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5 humpbacks in Raritan! Friday July 20th A great crowd on the AP today, with a bunch of regulars. The ocean conditions didn’t matter, we stayed in lower NY Harbor and Raritan Bay. Wind was 15-20mph with bright sunshine and 75 degrees, a perfect day out on the American Princess Cruises Whale and Dolphin Adventure!

Things started out different today than any other whale and dolphin watch. We headed out of Breezy and instead of charging straight out into the Ocean we stay on the inside, what a good move!

We get to our spot and meet up with a humpback that is motoring with a purpose, and we follow. It didn’t take long for the show to begin and when it did it was non-stop and spectacular! It started out with a few surface feedings and then BOOM this whale blasts out of the water, mouth wide open, water and bunker flying everywhere, and again it didn’t stop! Some of these lunge feedings by this whale were violent and the height it was getting was nuts. In a lunge feeding whales use their very large and powerful pectoral fins like we would use our arms in a breast stroke in swimming. This whale gets so into feeding that its pectorals are out of the water in the lunge feeding. This is my new favorite whale, sorry Jerry the whale #NYC0011.

While watching whale #1 we see another blow then a lunge feeding, we now have whale #2. Whale #1 and Whale #2 are in the same area and they are motoring toward each other, all the while, lunge feeding. They met up for moment 50 feet apart and then went in opposite directions, still lunge feeding. While all this is happening at the front of the AP (twelve-o’clock), screams come from the back of the boat “Two lung feeding whales at Six o’clock!” and another scream from the port side “Whale Lunge feeding at “ten o’clock”. OK, now we have five whales and all five are actively lunge feeding all around the AP. I overheard a passenger say, there are too many whales, I don’t where to look! I thought to myself what a great problem to have.

While on a whale watching boat, screaming “there’s the whale” is too broad. Where’s the whale? We have a 360-degree view of the ocean! The whale could be anywhere around the boat, so you need to be specific or you miss the action. For directing passengers to where the whale is beside the AP, a system is in place. The AP is like a clock. Twelve o’clock is the bow, six o’clock is the stern, Port is nine o’clock and starboard is three o’clock. When a whale is seen, one of the crew or passengers will scream “Ten O’clock” Now the AP is like a clock so ten o’clock means the whale is on the port side towards the front of the boat. It really helps but with five whales its gets crazy…a good crazy.

The AP sat in the middle of the five lunge feeding whales, watching at a distance with the NYC skyline as the backdrop. Times up, one more lunge feeding and a perfect day of whale watching!   

The American Princess Cruises goes out whale and dolphin watching 5 days a week during the summer. It is highly recommended!



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NYC0081 and 50 Dolphins What a day yesterday! Light winds and near flat conditions. Water temps are up in the high 60’s, the water was a beautiful green/blue and clear.

We met up with NYC0081 and right away its apparent it is NYC0081 because it has a unique fluke. The fluke is curved up on both sides, it stands out from all the others I have seen.

When you spend day after day with the same whales you start to pick up on how they move and act. The last time I met up with 81, It was going nuts with peduncle throws, lobtailing and a few breaches. Today, 81 did the same exact moves.

What’s cool about 81, is how it travels or swims, 81 likes to stay just under the surface of the water. Where you can’t see the whale, but its footprints and movements show up on the surface of the water giving away its direction and position. The whale moves around a lot, it crisscrosses its own path and doubles back doing 180 turns in a very small turn radius. Deep dives happen with 81, staying down for over 10 minutes at a time. With the deep dives, the whale gets some distance from the boat and in the other direction than you think it will be. You think it’s on the right…Nope, it’s on the left. This caused almost all on the boat to miss the three breaches 81 performed.

The peduncle throws are just amazing to see! It takes so much energy to perform these actions, after about the 20th time you can see the whale was starting to get fatigued. It transition to upside-down lobtailing and that went on for about 15minutes!   

Dolphins came into the mix half way through the trip, a small pod approximately 50 Dolphins. The dolphins didn’t disappoint, in the pod are some very young dolphin calves and they were playful. If Dolphins are your thing this year is shaping up to be a very good Dolphin watching year on the AP.

It was time to go, great day meeting up with NYC0081, the 50 Dolphins. What an incredible day out on the American princess cruises with Gotham Whale!!!


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The Dogs of War The Dogs of War

Summer Benefit Concert

for Our Veterans


Kickoff the Summer of 2018


Salute the Men and Women of our Armed Forces


Jonathan Crist

Mike Martino

 Mark Ambrosino

 Joe Saladino

 Jack Vitale

Vinny Muscarella

Laura Schaefer

Bill Blais

Jennifer Eichel

Larry Eisner

 Pat Owens

Jeb Ambrosino

Steve Orlando

Eddie Ambrosino


Special Guest Musicians



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NYC0071 the entangled Humpback returns to NYC? Incredible news!

I was out on the American Princess Friday June 22nd. East wind blowing hard, kicking up the ocean. Slight rain good visibility.

We charged out past the Breezy Point Jetty and immediately the ocean assaulted us. Headed east to Long Beach but the waves were causing people to get sick, so we turned towards Sandy Hook and Raritan Bay to get some relief from an angry ocean.

We get into Raritan bay and the conditions were flat with a small chop. There were small Bunker Pods on the surface and big splashes like dolphins jumping but no sight of Dolphins? I thought these splashes were either sharks or Atlantic Sturgeon but 20 feet from the boat, coming up through a bunker pod a very large Stripped Bass breached 3 feet clear of the water! WOW stripped bass breaching, not once but like 10 times during the trip…that’s a first for me.

Still in Raritan Bay looking for a whale and meet up with a lunge feeding Humpback Whale. This whale is very stealthy! I have no idea where it was or when it will come up. Its blows were very light and when it dove down it traveled a good distance when it came back up for a breath. Its lunge feeding actions were different than most Humpbacks. The whale was doing very shallow lunges and would then rotate on its back and dive.

As I am watching this whale I am thinking “I met a whale last year that would Lunge Feed the same exact way, very unique” NOW - If this whale and that whale from last year are the same whale we have some really good news on our hands! WHY…BECAUSE if its the same whale as last year this whale is NYC0071. I KNOW! NYC0071 was the Humpback Whale that has a rope wrapped around and inside its mouth with a red and black buoy attached to the rope. CCS came down not once BUT TWICE and tried to disentangle the whale read up about it here.

NYC0071 Second Rescue Effort by CCS, USCG and Gotham Whale.

Rescue effort for Humpback Whale NYC0071 from CCS and USCG off

I get a few more shots of the whale and believe me when I say this, it was not a good day for me photography wise…ahhh it happens! The photos were not that good, so I didn’t look at them on the boat and I process the photos later on that night. I start to get down deep (Pixel Peeping) on the photos and again they are not clear. I do see a few things that stand out, the Dorsals looks familiar. Then I see a rope, a red buoy, a black buoy. I dive down deeper on the Dorsal and though some scar markings have changed some are the same, this could be NYC0071.

Now that I look at it more, I think we have a match, I am 95% sure this whale we met up with today IS NYC0071!!!


Yes, it’s still entangled, but it survived over the winter and spring entangled and its back in the Big Apple. 

I now have many phone calls and emails to make but its all good…NYC0071 is alive.  

Here is the Dorsal from NYC0071 last year.


Dorsal from yesterday, I think its a match!


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a Humpback and 100 Dolphins A perfect day out on the water today Partly Cloudy, 72 degrees with SW winds 5 to 10 kt, waves 1 ft or less.

A good crowd out on the “Atlantic Pearl” the American Princess Cruises second whale watching boat. We charged out of breezy and headed South. We were a good 7 miles out and met up with a lively pod of Dolphins. They were feeding and playing around and a few little ones in the Pods. The crowd loved the dolphins, many ohhhs and ahhhs but we got a call on a Humpback and we went in search for the whale.

We met up with a lazy humpback whale about a mile from the dolphins. This whale was in-between feedings and didn’t want to be bothered by a whale watching boat. The whale would take a few breaths and then dive deep for like 10 minutes at a time. 10 Minutes is a long time waiting for whale to come up and take a breath! The whale did this like 5 times, we were a good distance out to sea and it was time to turn back.

We were right at the mouth of the Breezy Jetty, almost home and the Captain makes a hard right. I was thinking “What’s going on here, we got some more action?” Why yes, yes, we do, another pod of Dolphins. These dolphins were very close to the beach. Like, in the surf 20 feet from the beach close. Very playful and not afraid of the big boat, they came right up to us and that doesn’t happen often. When the dolphins were close I did I noticed that there were some newborn calves in the pod that’s always great to see.

The Captain called out “IT’S TIME TO GO” and we headed back to Riis landing. Todays count was about 100 Dolphin and 1 deep diving Humpback Whale. Another successful Whale Watch by the great folks at the American Princess Cruses

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Belmont Here’s some shots of Belmont before the Belmont Stakes this week. Had the pleasure of a Bell 429 helicopter ride above and was at the track a few times on the ground. Today will be fun 90+ thousand, a chance to see a Triple Crown happen and Third Eye Blind closing it out!





























































This is where they call the races from at Belmont. I was up here a few times in the early 70's when races were being called, very cool to stop back in.






























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2018-06-02 5 Humpbacks and 50+ Dolphins off Rockaway Calm seas, light winds and reports of Whales and Dolphins off all NY beaches. Looks like it will be a good day out on the American Princess Cruises newest addition to the fleet the “ATLANTIC PEARL”

We headed out of breezy and quickly came upon a Humpback Whale. It was a mellow humpback, maybe it was sleepy or sleeping (but it was not logging)? This whale had a routine, It was a few quick breaths on the surface followed by a long dive and that happened a few times. We stayed with it watching to see if it was going to wake up and it did not. Off in the distance there was another blow and then a breach, we now have another whale in the area and we sped over to investigate.

This second whale was lively and feeding. It did a couple of Lunge feedings and a tail slap. What’s cool about this second whale is that it was letting air slowly out of its blow holes as it was swimming. You could follow the whale by the bubble stream it was making. Staying very close to the surface then diving 20ft-40ft all the while letting air out. NOW – I have heard some people (well respected people) say on the boat that this whale was “Bubble Net Feeding” - it is/was not. I have been watching Whales here in NYC/LI since 2012 and I have never seen Humpback Whales here in NYC waters actually do “Bubble net feeding” WHY? Because there is no need for the Humpbacks whales to bubble net feed in NYC waters! The Bunker Fish are so thick in numbers around here it’s a waste of their time and the whales and I know this!!! That’s why, in NYC…it’s all lunge feeding.

As we were on this Humpback a pod of 40-50+ Dolphins came by. The Dolphins were in every direction and in the mix were days old Dolphin Claves. These were so young you can see the fetal folds on the baby dolphins and I have to say they were incredible cute. The ohhhs and ahhhs from the people on the boat were in unison when the little dolphins pop their heads up to get air. The dolphin show was a very good one but there was another blow a third blow, that makes 3 humpbacks so far and we went to check it out.

So, it turns out there were two whales somewhat close to each other, it was whale # 1 again and Whale #3. The 3rd whale was too far away from the boat, so we are now back with Whale number 1 and it woke up. As we were with whale #1 and #3, whale #2 is still in view and we saw two more blows way off.

It was getting late, time to turn back to port we were out of time and could not investigate who whale #3, #4 and #5 were but still a very successful day. The count for today is 5 Humpbacks and 50+ Dolphins and another successful whale and dolphin watch on the AP cruise and Gotham Whale.


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3 whales off Jersey

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Dead Humpback Whale on Long Beach - The Circus is in town! How sad is this! AND I am not just talking about the dead Humpback Whale on the beach, I’m talking about the crowd, their actions and everything about it. The Circus is town!

5-18-2018 An adolescent, 2-6 years old, 33-foot Female Humpback Washed up on the barrier island beach called Long Beach in Nassau County on Long Island NY. A very populated area with the common center of interest, the Beach. Cause of death – ship strike.

I went down to LB, parked and walked up the boardwalk ramp from the street and it was apparent where the dead whale was. You could not see the whale, all that could be seen was a crowd. I walked down the access ramp to the beach to get a closer look. I can now see the whale through the crowd. Walking up to the whale a few things pop out at me, no authorities standing-on the whale and the amount of people around the whale.

People on the beach - I get into the photo process, asking people politely if they can move and/or waiting for the area to clear to get the shots. I was in total disbelief of what I saw. NOW – I know this is a big thing, and not a common occurrence “A humpback Whale washed up on the beach”. It’s a big draw and it is something to see up-close and personal. But to stand next to a whale and take photos with it is mind-blowing to me. There were many people feet away from the whale, some people were respectful. Others were kicking, touching, slapping and moving the whale. Someone removed a live whale barnacle from its body, another ripped a piece of skin off the whale and then dropped it on the sand. There was even a kid playing with a toy on and around the whale, he almost went in its mouth and tried to crawl under the whale’s peduncle. That is just crazy!

No authorities standing-on the whale – Now, I support and respect the blue line and “all law” enforcement agencies…period! A mistake was made here on the beach with this humpback whale via a no-show by law enforcement. I can only assuming it starts with the LBPD. LB is its own city “The City By The Sea” it’s their beach, they have their own PD. Long Beach is a mess right now, times are tough and funds are low so maybe it was the city officials that handed down the orders to not to have the LBPD to stand-on the whale. It might have been NOAA telling LBPD not to stand-on the whale. NOAA in the USA govern all when it comes Whales. I don’t know who made the call or dropped the ball but again a mistake was made. (my opinion)

Here are few examples of what authorities have performed to keep the whale secure in other areas.

04-04-2017 Dead Humpback Whale washed up on Rockaway Beach, NY. NYPD and DEC and Park Rangers stood-on the Humpback Whale, the area taped off and secured by 100ft in all directions. There were large crowds, but they could not get close to the whale. Death Ship Strike

12-26-2017 Dead Humpback Whale washed up on Atlantic Beach, NY. The NCPD stood-on the Humpback Whale that washed on a “Nassau County Beach”. Not a person, that I saw, was anywhere near that whale. There were people walking around but that’s it. Death Ship Strike

02-13-2018 Dead Humpback Whale washed up on Breezy Point, NY. Park Rangers and NYPD stood-on the Humpback Whale. Death, Ship Strike.

05-04-2018 Dead Humpback Whale washed up on a Beach, NJ – Authorities stood-on the whale, no one approached. Death, Ship Strike.

05-18-2018 Dead Humpback Whale washed up on Long Beach NY. No police (LBPD) presence on the beach. The area around the Humpback not secured or roped off? Yes, there were construction cones, they did nothing. Death Ship Strike. Also, the temporary headquarters for the LB Aux Police is on the same block as the dead humpback. I parked right in front of the LBPD Aux headquarters and walked past the front of that office to take pictures of this whale. A parked, unused AUX Police car was sitting there the whole time? They couldn’t do anything to secure the area?

I love to photograph Humpback Whale at their best, the lunge feedings and all the acrobatics they do. It is nuts, I am still in shock and awe that I can see it right here in these waters!! I despise taking pictures of them at their worst, dead on the beach like a piece of trash. Today I took the worst photos I can ever take of a Humpback Whale, very sad.


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WHAT A DAY! 2 Humpbacks and 1 was an acrobat! WHAT A DAY! Today was one of the best American Princess Whale Watches I have ever been on...PERIOD!

Saturday May 12th NOON, Conditions at the time of the cruise “GOOD” – DRY, cloudy/overcast, air temp 59, water temp 54, winds E-ESE 8-15, 1-2ft chop.

We met up with the first whale very quickly. It was the same one we saw on Sunday (the one that was almost hit by the boat off Sandy Hook). The whale was probably sleeping or just taking a break waiting for conditions to get good for feeding. People were saying the whale was logging but it was not. “Logging” is a behavior that whales do when at rest and appear like "logs" on the surface. It is defined as lying without forward movement at the surface of the water with the dorsal fin or parts of the back are exposed. The whale was not doing this, it was slowly moving, with short breaths and then dives that lasted 5+ minutes (just like the last time we saw the whale). Maybe the whale was waiting for the Bunker to hit the surface, so it can start to feed on Bunker. There were tons of bunker in the area, but they were on the bottom. We and the whales need the Bunker on the surface and that’s when the lunge feeding happens but not today and not with this whale.

All spotters on the boat noticed big splashes WAY off in the distance, very close to the shore, like 3+ miles away. Capt. Frank and I thought it was waves breaking on the Jetty. We are traveling in that direction and minutes go by we all notice it’s not wave action, it Humpback Whale action! We quickly motored over and meet up with this very active Humpback Whale.

WOW, this whale was going nuts! The show for us started with some very powerful Peduncle throws or Tail Throws, also known as peduncling. a crack-the-whip rotation with its whole-body, throwing its tail and Peduncle out of the water and sideways ending in a giant splash. This whale did these Peduncle throws for almost an hour! Stopping only for Air and setup, NON-STOP!!

We were on the whale for half an hour and The AP moved away to give the whale a break. WHAT DOES THE WHALE DO, IT FOLLOWS US! Man…this Whale wanted to show off. The whale, at times, was very close to the boat. It did a Peduncle throw 15 feet from the front left side of the AP. Another time it was directly in front of the AP, I was on the pulpit looking down on this beautiful Whale. I was waiting to get totally drenched from a Peduncle Throw but thankfully it didn’t do that, it kicked its tail and slowly did a shallow dive.

The whale switched gears onto Pec Slapping and again it came very close to the boat. The close encounter started with the whale on the right side of the boat, then it came around the front and went to the left side and made a turn and went back the other way! It basically traveled in a half circle around the boat…TWICE!

The whale switched gears and moved into tail lobbing, slapping its tail on the surface making a very loud noise. The whale did this right side up AND upside-down meaning, it was slapping the top of its fluke on the water and then switching to slapping the bottom of its fluke on the water. While doing this he threw in Peduncle throws in the mix here and there. WHEN IS THIS GOING TO STOP!

The whale changes it up again with some heavy Chin Slaps or Chin Lobbing. This is when the whale raises its head out of the water and slams or slaps it on the water surface. The whale took a little break and I know what’s next. My eyes and camera are locked to the surface and it happens A FULL BREACH. It was nuts, this whale almost made it all the way out of the water. It did a few belly breaches then a twisting breach into a backwards breach.

We were with the whale for an hour and a half and it performed non-stop acrobatic maneuvers (tail slapping, pectoral slapping, tail throws, breaches, chin slapping and breaches) My arm were killing me from just holding my cameras, this whale must be exhausted! We have had some epic days on the AP’s Whale and Dolphin Watch, but this truly was the best day on the AP since it started whale watching tours in 2011.



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Special Whale Watch with Eyewitness News Ch. 7 NY - No Whales but Dolphins

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