Other than the actual “Santana Band”, Milagro-Santana Tribute​ is the longest running Santana Tribute Band around! AND... Let-me-tell-you, they have this down. Each member of this band brings it with an energy and expertise of their craft that is second to none. They light up the stage with action! First you have 3 percussionists all doing different things and if that doesn’t keep your eyes busy, I don’t know what will! You have Drew Pantuliano​ driving the beat on the drums, Peter Robles on the Timbales and Juan Rodriguez on the Congas and Bongos. A very active Matt Bermudez​ on the Bass. Anthony Richards​ on the keyboards and Julio Claudio​ on the guitar. Anthony, Matt and Julio all pitch in on vocals and are spot on. Wrap this all together, shake it and you have one hell of a band that focuses on playing Santana Music that makes the crowds get up and move to the Groove of Rhythm.

The first time I saw this band was years ago (maybe 2009?) at a small back yard party where they play annually (which I didn’t know). I walked in and saw all this bands equipment taking over the small backyard and band member’s waiting to play. I thought to myself “This is gonna be good”. They got down to it and it was awesome, I have been a fan ever since!
Go see this band its worth your time here is their schedule https://www.facebook.com/Milagrolive/
Thanks to Rich Rivkin Presents​ on making the Woodstock Revival happen every year.
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