These photos in this album are formatted as “Digital Downloadable Photo files”. You download the Photo file to your computer. Use the “Digital Downloadable Photo files” for online, social media (Instagram and Facebook) use. ALSO, (and its included the price) “You” can print the “Digital Downloadable Photo files” at a photo developer of your choice. The “Digital Downloadable Photo files” will produce a photo quality 4x6 or smaller print. Printing at a larger size of 4x6 is not recommended, the printed photo will not look good.
If interested in printing an image larger than a 4x6 please reach out at [email protected]. I will send you my print list.
All “Digital Downloadable Photo files” will have my watermark on the lower bottom left of the photo. All other security watermarks disappear when the “Digital Downloadable Photo files” are purchased.
Thanks for looking, any questions please ask before buying.
Photos are "NON-COMERCIAL RIGHTS" USAGE ONLY. For Commercial or Sponsorship usage please reach out.
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