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If you surfed Lido West at the East Jetty between 9am-3pm you are in this album.
Before purchasing please reach out to me at [email protected]

I will crop, straighten, color and process every photo for you! Tell me wetsuit color and logos on the board, goofy or regular. I have MANY epic shots and sequence cover-ups that are not in this album. Incredible day!!!

E windswell and S swell mix continues this afternoon with sets in the head high to overhead range at the standouts. A bit lully and inconsistent but the sets look good when they show. Also, the recent high tide at 11:44am is still making some spots fat/mushy but that should improve with less water over the next few hours. Conditions are clean with moderate northerly winds - Surfline The Black (larger) "Artie Raslich Photography" are security watermarks (for the "Screen grabbers").
Images that are purchased do not have those watermarks. Your support is appreciated!