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PLEASE SHARE this information with anyone who is on the waters of NYC, Western Nassau and North Jersey. We have a an entangled Humpback whale in our area. The American Princess Cruises (Capt Tom) with Gotham Whale came across this whale on July 9, 2015. The Humpback is in good health and is thought to be in no immediate danger, It is breathing, swimming, lunge feeding and moving around well and is not in distress. All the authorities were contacted and the Marine Animal Entanglement Response Team is on it. The whale is entangled with a yellow Trap Buoy and yellow flag. We think the rope its attached to its pectoral fin. The Buoy is 20 feet back from its tail and can only be seen when the whale dives. If you do see this entangled Humpback Whale call the Stranding & Disentanglement Hotline 1-866-755-NOAA (6622). If you ever see a Humpback whale please keep your distance and follow the Marine Mammal Viewing Guidelines from "Whale SENSE"