The 2017 Woodstock Revival at Old Bethpage Village Restoration was a good one. This festival was packed with great bands from LI that cover Classic Rock Bands that ruled that era and played at Woodstock also. I knew 4 out of the 5 bands in this lineup, but not “Four Way Street”. I didn’t even know what they would bring to the stage or who they covered? I found out quickly what they are about and I like it…I liked it a lot.
Four Way Street is a Crosby Stills Nash &Young Tribute band. They can sit back, play it slow and stand on their tremendously beautiful vocal harmonies and the next song rock it out hard with all guns blazing all while staying in the pocket. This band is focused, its clear! I guess you really have to be to perform CSN&Y. What I did like is the band members really enjoyed playing this music and had fun with it. That’s the way it should be and how it is when your good at your craft.
I walked around the crowd, as they played, it was like a giant sing along. Kudos to Rich Rivkin who had the sense to invite this band to be part of the Woodstock Revival. They fit right into the day and made it better for that. If you like CSN&Y go to their website or facebook page and find the next venue they will be at, time not wasted!
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