Dead Humpback Whale on Long Beach - The Circus is in town!

May 19, 2018

How sad is this! AND I am not just talking about the dead Humpback Whale on the beach, I’m talking about the crowd, their actions and everything about it. The Circus is town!

5-18-2018 An adolescent, 2-6 years old, 33-foot Female Humpback Washed up on the barrier island beach called Long Beach in Nassau County on Long Island NY. A very populated area with the common center of interest, the Beach. Cause of death – ship strike.

I went down to LB, parked and walked up the boardwalk ramp from the street and it was apparent where the dead whale was. You could not see the whale, all that could be seen was a crowd. I walked down the access ramp to the beach to get a closer look. I can now see the whale through the crowd. Walking up to the whale a few things pop out at me, no authorities standing-on the whale and the amount of people around the whale.

People on the beach - I get into the photo process, asking people politely if they can move and/or waiting for the area to clear to get the shots. I was in total disbelief of what I saw. NOW – I know this is a big thing, and not a common occurrence “A humpback Whale washed up on the beach”. It’s a big draw and it is something to see up-close and personal. But to stand next to a whale and take photos with it is mind-blowing to me. There were many people feet away from the whale, some people were respectful. Others were kicking, touching, slapping and moving the whale. Someone removed a live whale barnacle from its body, another ripped a piece of skin off the whale and then dropped it on the sand. There was even a kid playing with a toy on and around the whale, he almost went in its mouth and tried to crawl under the whale’s peduncle. That is just crazy!

No authorities standing-on the whale – Now, I support and respect the blue line and “all law” enforcement agencies…period! A mistake was made here on the beach with this humpback whale via a no-show by law enforcement. I can only assuming it starts with the LBPD. LB is its own city “The City By The Sea” it’s their beach, they have their own PD. Long Beach is a mess right now, times are tough and funds are low so maybe it was the city officials that handed down the orders to not to have the LBPD to stand-on the whale. It might have been NOAA telling LBPD not to stand-on the whale. NOAA in the USA govern all when it comes Whales. I don’t know who made the call or dropped the ball but again a mistake was made. (my opinion)

Here are few examples of what authorities have performed to keep the whale secure in other areas.

04-04-2017 Dead Humpback Whale washed up on Rockaway Beach, NY. NYPD and DEC and Park Rangers stood-on the Humpback Whale, the area taped off and secured by 100ft in all directions. There were large crowds, but they could not get close to the whale. Death Ship Strike

12-26-2017 Dead Humpback Whale washed up on Atlantic Beach, NY. The NCPD stood-on the Humpback Whale that washed on a “Nassau County Beach”. Not a person, that I saw, was anywhere near that whale. There were people walking around but that’s it. Death Ship Strike

02-13-2018 Dead Humpback Whale washed up on Breezy Point, NY. Park Rangers and NYPD stood-on the Humpback Whale. Death, Ship Strike.

05-04-2018 Dead Humpback Whale washed up on a Beach, NJ – Authorities stood-on the whale, no one approached. Death, Ship Strike.

05-18-2018 Dead Humpback Whale washed up on Long Beach NY. No police (LBPD) presence on the beach. The area around the Humpback not secured or roped off? Yes, there were construction cones, they did nothing. Death Ship Strike. Also, the temporary headquarters for the LB Aux Police is on the same block as the dead humpback. I parked right in front of the LBPD Aux headquarters and walked past the front of that office to take pictures of this whale. A parked, unused AUX Police car was sitting there the whole time? They couldn’t do anything to secure the area?

I love to photograph Humpback Whale at their best, the lunge feedings and all the acrobatics they do. It is nuts, I am still in shock and awe that I can see it right here in these waters!! I despise taking pictures of them at their worst, dead on the beach like a piece of trash. Today I took the worst photos I can ever take of a Humpback Whale, very sad.


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