30 Dolphins and Kristi's Birthday

September 02, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Cold, windy and a very large East wind chop was on tap for today but the American Princess goes out because it’s what it does! Capt. Frank at the helm ready for the challenge of finding whales and dolphins for the crowd. Not a large crowd but it didn’t matter because they were into what the day could bring. There was a group on board celebrating a birthday for an old friend and research associate of Gotham Whale and the American Princess, Kristi aka “the Dolphin whisperer”. A nice rowdy bunch of whale and dolphin lovers who, if we didn’t see what we came for, was just enjoying the cold air, cold beer and company of friends in pursuit of seeing Dolphins!!!!

We ran around everywhere and just when most, if not all, gave up Capt Frank found the impossible – a pod of 30 Bottlenose Dolphins. I gotta say what the dolphins didn’t make up in numbers and time spent with them they made up in by way of a very nice dolphin show. They were active and very close at times to the AP.

As the captains always say, never give up hope until we are tied up at the dock!

Fun had by all today and Happy Birthday to Kristi, she got the Birthday gift she wanted…TO SEE DOLPHINS.  

30 Bottlenose dolphins seen.



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