Yellowfin Tuna on the CRESLI Great South Channel Trip

August 14, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I was on the CRESLI trip, run by Artie Kopelman, to the Great South Channel on August 13th to the 15th.

We just left a pod of Risso's Dolphins and Common Dolphins.

I was very surprised at the ocean conditions, it was like glass, a very small ground swell and a breath of a wind, in a nutshell - perfect sea conditions. When the ocean is like this you can see a disturbance on the surface miles away.

We were on the hunt for Humpback Whales and all around us was fish breaking the surface of the water, very quick hits, and BIG FISH!

Up in the air were two small single prop aircrafts, one near us and the other a ways away, they both were circling the area. In the distance and getting closer was a crazy looking boat, 30ft-35ft in length. It had a large tuna tower and a pulpit gang plank both extremely long and exaggerated. What was on the surface was getting closer to our vessel and so was the boat, the Airplanes were off somewhere else.

Right by the boat was a very large disturbance, big splashes and I was camera ready and got a few shots.

The fish that were breaking the surface were Yellowfin Tuna estimated to be 200-300lbs. There were a few breaches but didn’t get those, these Tuna are fast.  

The crew and captain of the Viking grabbed their fishing gear and hit the back of the boat and were pulling in some Mackerel on every drop, the mackerel was the bait. They dropped a few tuna rigs but got one to bite but it got away.

It was incredible to see this all happen live a bonus to an awesome Humpback Whale trip with CRESLI.





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