Saturday Aug 5th Whale Watching on the AP with GW. 1 Humpback NYC0060.

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Saturday August 5th on the American Princess with Gotham Whale. A nice day to be out on a whale watch in NYC with an afternoon breeze out of the west, waves 1-3ft, water temp 75. The water was a little murky (its been beautiful all year) but It rained heavy in the overnight into the morning and it’s a full moon so its pull on the ocean increases and the tides were ripping! The sky’s were dark and cloudy at the start but the sky’s cleared and it turned out to be a beautiful day.

We went out of Breezy Point and Captain Frank locks in on a Humpback early in the run. I see the blow, we get closer and I start to see its behavior. It’s a sketchy Humpback! Its on the right side of the AP one minute and then its on the left side of the AP another minute. I know this behavior in a humpback and its NYC0060 aka “K-CUP” but have not seen its fluke yet.

There are very little, if any bunker anywhere from the bottom to the top in the water column, none on the surface. This humpback is looking for food and right now there is none where we (the whale and the AP) are. We stayed with the whale giving it lots of room as she looked for food and we looked at her. A big Car Transport ship passed us by in the channel and separated us from the whale, it happens and we met up on the other side. We were in the channel, the whale went deep, arched its back and then gave us a chance to see its fluke and I got a clear fluke shot. I look at the photo, zoom in and see a “Capital K” on its left fluke…BOOM it is NYC0060 aka “K-CUP”.

K-CUP has been here since 7-23 eating up bunker and taking in the sights. I call her an equal opportunity whale for whale watchers. It traverses back and forth on the sides of the AP giving both sides of the boat equal time on the whale watch. This whale came so close on one pass, all was watching on the right and the whale was on the left side 5 feet from the boat. It gives a big blow and that sound scared the hell out of people on the rail. It sprayed a disgustingly smelling blow all over those whale watcher. Its what I call a Baptism or a Rite Of Passag. if you will. The wind carried a few blows to the boat and that same smell took many people by surprise. The way I can describe the smell is, Imagine crushing up 10 bunker fish, put that it in bucket with some water, cover it and let it sit. Come back a day later open the bucket and stick your head in the bucket…that’s the smell and its smelly!

Today, no breaches, lungefeedings or anything over the top but we did see a humpback in NYC and one we know and this is spectacular in itself.



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