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Went out late in the day looking for Humpbacks, Dolphin or anything that’s out there. Conditions were perfect! Light winds, no ground swell and near glass to a foot chop on the sea. I was on the SHIP OF FOOLS but did see the American Princess on her way in.

We meet up with K-CUP and it was logging and when I say this I mean totally on the surface, sleeping out like a light, looking like, you guessed it…a log. I shut the boat off and turned up the music and watched K-CUP for some time.

K-CUP woke up and shook us. We stayed in the area looking at the bunker schools to see if any other whales would show and it was time to go.

Driving back, a few miles from where we were we ran back into K-CUP by catching sight of a chance blow.  Bunker schools are ready for the taking and K-CUP is setting up for its lunge feedings. K-CUP is going at it and there is another whale on the inside feeding also and then another on the outside.

Now we have 3 whales!

The Humpback on the outside was moving in the direction of where K-CUP was logging so it’s on its own.

Now we have two whales very close to each other, one we know is K-CUP the other whale unknown.

Both whales pass within 100 feet from each other and go in different directions and we follow the unidentified humpback. 


Here are a few of K-CUP



Now we are watching the “new” whale at a distance and as time goes by I have many chances to view this whale.

it’s dorsal, it looks floppy, bent to one side and familiar.



It starts surface feeding, I start seeing its patterns of how it feeds, its more familiar now.

I see the Peduncle and Its Peduncle Ridge has its back bone sticking out way more than most Humpbacks I see or know.



Hmmm, I think I know this whale! I just need one tell tail sign and its not its Fluke its the right side of its peduncle, and am looking for prop scars! The humpback dives down and I see what I need to see, the right side of its peduncle does have healed propeller scars and now I 100% know its my favorite whale NYC0011 a humpback that is also known as “Jerry” is back in NYC!



It was getting late, Jerry was done feeding and we were running out of light and went back in and on the way grabbed a few sunset shots but still over the top about Jerry being in town!




Jerry, the most famous NYC whale that did a spy hop directly in line with the Empire State Building back in 2013 is here, alive and well, bigger and fatter than NYC Waters for a 4th confirmed year!


Fyi - I didn’t see Jerry last year in 2016 but have in 13,14,15 and now 17. We know he was in Montauk on Aug 6, 2017 as he was seen by Artie Kopelman on the CRESLI Viking Whale watch in Montauk. Jerry is the 2011 calf of SMOG in the GOM Humpback Whale Catalog. Jerry is known as NYC0011 in the NYC Humpback Whale Catalog.

Jerry went out and we went in and we will see you tomorrow and hopefully up through late September!




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