Sunday July 02 2017. Dolphins, Atantic Sturgeon and Giant Fluke.

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After a week and a half of heavy storms, windy conditions and large choppy Sea’s…we sail, Ocean bound! Praise be to Nero's Neptune the American Princess sails ocean bound at 1pm and the sea’s are just perfect! Light winds, a small swell and very clear Caribian green waters.

Just a perfect day, we charge out of brezzy and head east! Running along the ocean looking for whales and dolphins the beaches are packed with crowds of sun bathers, swimmers, paddle boards and surfers. The first thing we come upon is the 44 foot Hunter sailboat with the Coors Light sail. As an old beer guy who used to sell Coors Light I love the sight and a good marketing move on Coors’s part!


Quickly we come up on a nice Pod of Dolphins and they were in play mode. I have seen video of dolphins playing in breaking waves on the beach and saw it live for the first time on this day. It happened once and quickly, I was not camera ready but I saw it with my own eyes so I got that going for me. The dolphins went to meet a few of the Paddle boarders and interacted with them a little bit. The Dolphins were all over the surf zone and the water was so clear you can see them a good 10 feet down in the water.



As I was watching the dolphins a VERY large grey fish came swimming from the breaking surf where the Dolphins were to the boat. I pointed out the fish and screamed "Shark" jokingly but I did think it was a thresher. Most passengers on the port side of the boat did see the large fish. As it swam closer to us, unafraid, I thought, that’s not a shark??? That’s an Atlantic Sturgeon!!! I went to a few people who would know and they confirm that it is an Atlantic Sturgeon.

WOW an Atlantic Sturgeon an endangered species here in NY. Atlantic sturgeon is among the oldest fish species living on earth dating back at least 70 million years and one just swam up to and under the AP! Read up here > Atlantic Sturgen




We left that action and went south to see if we could find some whales. Not camera ready (again) on the Port side of the boat saw a freaking giant “Doormat Fluke” It had to be 3 ft +. The Fluke come up to the surface an sucked in a large bunker like it was nothing, didn’t even bite it! Wow what a day…Dolphins, Atlantic Sturgeon and a giant fluke!

We went out by the entrance of Ambrose and the bunker were out there but not in numbers like before the storms. The rain has killed the whale watching and fishing in the past week and this is a good sign…The Bunker are coming back and that means the whales will follow.

We met up with another pod of Dolphins out there south of Ambrose, hung for a bit observing them and it was time to go.


A great day out on the ocean with the American Princess and Gotham Whale!!!



VERY cool sightings!
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