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The Ocean is a big place with many big things in it. You never know what's swimming with you until you see it or it sees you. Chances are "IT" knows you are there before you know "ITS" there.

On the AP with GW on July 2nd out looking for dolphins and whales. The beaches were packed and the surf was up. Perfect conditions for paddle boarding, surfing, body surfing or just getting wet. We met up with a dolphin pod in the surf line off Rockaway Beach and I took some photos of the paddle boarders and dolphins together.

While taking photos a very large fish (I thought it was an Atlantic Sturgeon and so did others) comes out of the surf line away from the Dolphins, Paddle Boarders and Surfers towards the boat. I did scream shark so people on the right side of the boat would look. They did look and saw the same thing I saw and captured in photos but still had no idea what type of fish or shark it was.

The photos went under review from experts and citizen scientists almost all point to this large fish of 6ft+ to be a Blue Shark.


OK a large Blue Shark was just feet away from the paddle boarders and Dolphins, it swam away from them, came to the AP and then went under the boat and disappeared.

SOOOOoooo next time your at the beach this summer and you flip out because Seaweed brushed your leg, it might not be Seaweed!  


These photos were taken within the same time of 2:10pm, in order that they were taken.


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