Saturday July 01. Dolphins in Raritan Bay.

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We went out of Breezy and headed south. The ocean was wind swept and shelter from the swells were in Raritan bay off of Sandy. That’s where whales were seen last and the dolphin pod from the day before were there. The Temp was chilly like 60 degrees on the boat with the wind over the water. As soon as we got close to Sandy Hook the wind was off the land and it was in the low 80’s at that spot!

The weather forecast didn't look good on paper and from the boat (at times). Those crazy storms that passed by the area, were seen from the AP but it did not reach or effect the AP. The clouds and fog that were threatening was an impressive sight to see in itself.

The Sun, in the end, popped out as we met up with the same amazing Pod of Dolphins that we saw on Friday.
I like this Dolphin pod they are lots of fun to see. They came very close to the boat and this pod has many calves so we get to see all those little babies up close and personal. I don’t care who you are, little baby dolphins are cute!

They did a few jumps, tail slaps and were playing around. Dolphins love waves, there were a few boat wakes passing through and the pod had their fun with them. We stayed with them until it was time to go and said goodby to that small but spunky pod.



The storms did look cool and the clouds and fog were the star of the show until the Dolphins arrived. here are a few shots that stood out on the day.


I love this shot! You can see the fog laying on the roadway of the Verrazano Bridge deck with One World Trade in the background. 


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