Friday July 7th 2017 Lots of rain and Dolphins

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Its Friday July 7th 2017, I am driving through deep puddles, some resembling ponds or lakes with cars actually stuck in them, I think “is this boat going out in this weather?” As I get to the parking lot and drive through the deepest puddle yet I see the AP. There are a good amount of people on the boat and all is ready to go. So the answer to that question is YES…Rain (even heavy rain) is not holding back the American Princess Whale and Dolphin adventure cruise!

Most people are prepared for these outdoor adventures, have all the gear to keep them dry and are happy to be out in the elements…sounds crazy, but its true! The great news for this day is the start was rainy but it ended in bright sunshine, big blue sky's, light winds, a calm sea, beautiful Caribbean green waters, gorgeous views of the city skyline AND 75-100 Bottlenose Dolphin!

I guess, the Bottlenose Dolphins this time of year are very playful and unafraid of the boats. In years past I usually don’t even shoot Dolphins or if I did its very few images. This year its seems the Dolphins are very entertaining, acrobatic and interested in being around the American Princess. So its been a good year so far watching Dolphins here in the Bight, better than I could have ever thought.     

We met up with the dolphins half way through the trip. In the pods were juvenile and adult bottlenose dolphins but I didn’t see the very small calves like in days past. They were in very tight groups feeding on Menhaden and playing like crazy. I captured a few photos that I usually do not capture. A bunker being batted out of the water by a dolphins tale. A Dolphin throwing its whole body out of the water sideways. That was cool!

The dolphins were in every direction you looked, near and far from the AP. The backdrop of NYC and ships with dolphins playing in the foreground cant get any better!

What a day out in the NY Bight on the American Princess with Gotham Whale. No whales today but the passengers did get what they came for, a very good day on the water!



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