Bottlenose Dolphins with small calves in the Pods off of Coney and Breezy.

July 09, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Sunday July 9th 2017. Days like today on the water are few and far between, a 2ft ocean swell, light variable winds, Water temp at 73, Air temp 75. The wind did pick up at the end but an overall beautiful day for a Whale and Dolphin adventure.

We headed out of Breezy and went south. Very early into the trip I spotted way off in the distance what I thought was balloons floating on the water. I kept looking in that area and something was catching my eye but could not pin it down as to what it was. I normally would never tell the captain’s of the AP about something like this unless I am sure I “see” a Whale or a Dolphin. You feel like a fool when you say you saw somethin and they turn the 95ft boat and look for something that’s not there wasting time and fuel…not cool! BUT, I gotta feeling and told Captain Tom. He turned the boat, we drove to the area and there were a decent size pod of Bottlenose Dolphins.

The Dolphins were everywhere and in the pod were the smallest Dolphin babies or Calves I have ever seen! I mean, these Dolphins must have been born like in the past week.

The Bottlenose Dolphins we are meeting up with this year are by far the friendliest and inquisitive. This pod today didn’t let us down on the excitement. They were right up on the boat at times, playing, feeding and did a few jumps which I didn’t catch but its OK I at least saw the action.

A great day on the American Princess with Gotham Whale! 100+ Dolphins on the day, a Cow Nose Ray, Tons of Sea Birds and a female Blue Claw crab (HEY! We saw the crab, it needed to be noted).




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