Saturday, June 3rd 2017 Three Humpbacks off rockaway

June 04, 2017  •  2 Comments

Saturday June 3rd 2017th. Wave Heights - 1-2ft, Water Temp - 60, Wind – North-West, Speed – 12-20 mph, Air Temp 74. Cloud Cover – Moderate. Water was a beautiful Light green and very clear!

Whales seen – THREE Humpback Whales.

It was a good whale watch on the American Princess with Gotham Whale. WOW…The ocean was so beautiful on this day it was crazy! It looked tropical, like the Caribbean Sea, light green and very clear! Passengers on this trip were very surprised that the waters off NYC can be this nice and clean. I have to admit, some days it even surprises me, this was one of those days.

We charged out of Breezy and went straight down the beach. There seems to be a pattern with these whales we are meeting up with lately. We either are passing by the whales and not seeing a blow, splash or any of the tell-tale humpback whale signs or these whales are coming in from the outside as we pass that area. I say this because we are meeting up with the humpbacks on the return to port portion of the whale watch. In the area we just sailed through and the Humpbacks are active and right up on the beach.

We met up with the first whale in about 20-25 feet of water, he/she was heading West at a steady pace. The whale was focused on moving and was doing nothing else but that. 20 minutes or so the captain gets on the PA and says we have another whale about a ½ mile off to the west. That’s the exact direction the first whale was heading. I looked to the west and saw whale #2 I thought it was going to start tail-slapping to say hello to whale #1 but that didn’t happen. Both whales are heading towards each other and they meet up. It was a very quick meeting they came about ten feet from each other and #1 went West and #2 went East. While the meeting was happening we see another whale about 300ft off the boat. #3 was coming in and was very mellow, it would stay on the surface or right below and would slowly glide I guess it was getting some sleep or logging. We stayed with #3 for a short time, I got a few more shots of the whale and it was time to go. As we are traveling back to port we could see the spouts from Whales #2 & #3 and they were all traveling away form each other. The #1 Whale was heading west, we caught up and passed him as we returned to port on another successful Whale Watching trip on the American Princess with Gotham Whale

There was no feeding or any special maneuvers like a breach or tail-slap but any day we see humpbacks is a successful whale watching trip out. The boat was packed, a good crowd and they got what they came for HUMPBACK WHALES!!!



Lisa Reischer(non-registered)
Such a beautiful sight
Artie, as always, great shots!! Love your blog! We will be up there one of these days!!
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