June 23rd, 2017. PIX11 Whale Watch

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Friday June 23th 2017. Wave Heights – 1-4ft, Water Temp - 68, Wind – South - SE, Speed – light to 35mph in passing front, Air Temp 69, Cloud Cover – heavy with peaks of sun towards the end.

Whales – NONE. Dolphins - NONE


PIX11 News came out on the American Princess to see how a whale watch goes down in the waters of NYC. Ayana was the reporter and John the Cameraman. I never met Ayana but I have met John a few times at different events over the years through Keith Lane a NYC/LI Media Cameraman legend that is no longer with us. Any time I was a Stills Photographer at an event and Keith was there as a Cameraman he would introduce me to other Cameraman. Introduce me to people who Keith thought highly of and John was one of them. A great day working with this crew, they made it a fun event. Here is the VIDEO OF THE DAY


It was a straight run south off of Breezy Point. NOAA was calling for some serious wind with rain in the afternoon with 4ft-6ft+ waves. We never were hit with the rain, just the wind for a short time. The seas were 1ft – 4ft not a solid 4-6+ they were predicting. When its windy in the open ocean the waves build fast. It did go from 1ft to 3ft quickly but that’s a non event for a 95 ft boat.

There were reports of humpbacks in Raritan bay and lower NY harbor. So why chance get beat up in 4-6+ (if it happens) in the ocean when we could be in somewhat sheltered waters and find a whale.

We tuned around and hung by the shore giving the passengers an incredible view of Sandy Hook and the Highlands. We got into the area where that crazy video was shot the previous day of the lungefeeding whale jumped feet from a very small fishing boat kicking bunker into their boat. Off the tip of Sandy Hook by the Romer Shoals lighthouse. Video Here

There was bunker all over the area so we were in the right spot to see whale. We cruised around looking for any signs of a spout, big splash or disturbance that could be a humpback and there was nothing. I did see a very large Atlantic sturgeon jump out and land with a big splash, It was still cool to see but we are looking for whales and dolphins.

We ran around the bay and lower NY Harbor, saw nothing. Ran BACK OUT to the Atlantic and still nothing, it happens…rarely, but it happens, 10% of the times we do not see whales.

We got back to the dock, the Captain announced they were giving coupon discounts to the passengers for usage on another voyage.

PIX 11 asked for some photos, I obliged and here is what I sent for them to use.


NEW YORK - September 2016. Humpback Whale Lungefeeding off of the Long Beach Boardwalk





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