Saturday June 17th, 2017. 30 Dolphins in heavy fog and rain on the AP with GW

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Saturday June 17th 2017. Wave Heights – 2-5ft, Water Temp - 65, Wind – South - SE, Speed – light, Air Temp 70, Cloud Cover – Rain and Fog at the end

Whales seen – None. Dolphins 30+  (Dolphins numbers are always an estimate)


We left out of Breezy in the rain and light fog. I like conditions like this and photographically have always had a great whale watching day in these conditions. All my gear is f2.8 and I threw an 85mm f1.2 and a 135mm f2.0 in the bag, because of this, the conditions will not be a factor for me today! That's if the Whales and Dolphins cooperate.








The swells were long duration at 8+ seconds so it was very mellow swell. Time to time a few big swells would show their face but the ocean today was very nice and manageable. I would rather be out in a 6ft swell deep ocean with 10 second intervals than a 3ft wind swell with a 5 second interval which is a choppy pounding sea.






























 We got out to where the Whales and Dolphins were and stood on watch, quickly we found a very small pod of Dolphins. We stayed with them watching their splashes and jumps, some very close to the boat. In the pod there were a few smaller calves and that’s always a crowd pleaser on a whale and dolphin watch. No whales as of yet!








I love this photo, the caption in my head when I saw this was " HEY MOM...HEY DAD...WAIT UP!"















Our time with these dolphins came to an end, by choice, and now we need to see whales! The Captain sent all hands to their lookout position to look for the Humpbacks. The Fog was getting thick now and when its like this all eyes are needed looking for whales because you can pass a whale and not see it in the fog.






















We spent the next hour looking for whales, the fog was getting thicker and spotting whales in this soup is nearly impossible. It was 330pm-4pm and Capt Tom gets on the microphone and says “The fog is making finding whales impossible we are ending the whale watch early. We are issuing you a discount for your next trip”. 















We headed back to Riis Landing a little early but the trip was a success, we saw Dolphins! The Captain Tom and Captain Frank (an the crew) of the American Princess pride themselves on finding Dolphins and Whales on every trip. 90% sighting rate and today counts because we did find Dolphins on a Whale and Dolphin adventure!

































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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