Saturday May, 27th 2017 Whale Watch on the AP with GW.

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Whale Watch on the American Princess with Gotham Whale Saturday May, 27th 2017.

Wave Heights - 1-3ft, Water Temp - 57, Air Temp 66, Wind Speed - Light variable then gusty out of the South. Whales seen - TWO Humpback Whales both not identified.

The AP pushed off at 1pm this day, the boat was full and all eyes on the water. We have been informed that there were whales off NYC and we ran down the beach to met them. Roughly 2 hours into the whale watch we met up with an unknown humpback whale. Very hard to spot, we probably passed on the way out. Some days the blows or splashes jump right out at you miles away. Other times the whales can be right next to the boat and they give no clue they are there! This Humpback looked to be a juvenile Humpback and was in-between lungefeeding taking a break swimming around. The Whales cant feed 24 hours a day, they need to take brakes, sleep and even play. We stuck with this whale giving it its space as to not bother he or she in hopes maybe it will start to feed. That paid off, 20 minutes later the feeding started. This whale wasted no time and went from one bunker pod to another, zig-zagging across the bow a few times. Some what unpredictable in its movement and that’s the way I like it, you never know where its coming up or where it is. Keeps people on their toes! Some lunges were shallow others were very dramatic. The humpback did one side Fluke Throw that was quick but sent a message that was loud and clear, there is another whale out here but where? No more than 10 minutes, we see a second whale. Its said tail slapping or tail throws are a short distance way for whales to communicate with other whales. Don’t know how true this is but worked to the side of true. Now we have two humpbacks for this whale watching trip. The second whale was not with us for very long. My guess with the second humpback, it just finished a big feeding and was taking a break. The two humpbacks came together, at distance, circling each other and one went west and the other (the first one) went North-east towards the beach back to lungefeeding. We took one last look at the lungefeeding Humpback Whale and time to get back to port. It was another successful whale watch on the American Princess with Gotham Whale.





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