Dolphins at sunset and 2 Fin Back Whales.

November 01, 2017

I got home a little late to go out on a Whale Watch but with just 30 days left in my whale watching season, everyday counts, I must go out. I was on the boat ready to push off and a friend Andrea walks over. I said, jump on, let’s go on a whale watch and then there were two!

The conditions looked good on the reports 1-2 ocean swell light winds. WRONG! It was 2-3ft and building in 2-3 second chop. The wind was out of the east and it was picking up and that’s sucks! It’s not a good sign when you’re heading out of the inlet and parade of boats are heading in!

We were 5 minutes out of the inlet and I turn to Andrea and said did you that, what the hell was that. A second later a blow, A VERY BIG BLOW! We have found the whales but that’s not a humpback’s blow. The blow is way too big, like 30 feet tall and skinny and it was pure white? It looked like there were two whales and between blows there was some distance. So, they were moving fast and I have seen this before a few times. Once in Montauk on the CRESLI Whale Watch and in NYC waters on the SHIP OF FOOLS this year. I am very confident it was two Fin Whales off Rockaway. And, that’s the second time this season.

We spent a good amount trying to locate the whales after seeing a bunch of blows, no go, those whales are gone which makes me believe even more that they were 100% Fin Back Whales!

The sun was getting low, I went and located some Dolphins. I keep saying, this has been the best year for Inshore Bottlenose Dolphins in this area! Came upon a pod of 8 Dolphins, they were unafraid of the boat and at times they were 5 feet from the boat. This pod had a few adult dolphins with very young claves and were very playful. The sun just set, and it was getting dark quick, we watched the dolphins circle the boat and when the coast was clear, we went in.

A good day, a nice sunset 12-15 dolphin and 1-2 Finback whales (no photos of the Fin’s)