This is my personal blog, I write about what I see and experience while I am out whale watching. I am far from a writer but know my way around the ocean and a camera. My focus is documenting Humpback Whales here in the waters of NYC, LI and North NJ also known as the Western New York Bight.

I work for Gotham Whale as their official photographer and Photo Curator of the NYC Humpback Whale Catalog (NYCHWC). As Photo Curator, I focus on markings on the fluke or other areas. I match up the flukes and markings to the whales we have in the NYCHWC. When a humpback whale photo has no match to the NYCHWC, a number is assigned (example NYC00011) and that whale is now in the catalog. If it's a match, we have a returning Humpback Whale to the Western Bight. I also am responsible for GW’s facebook page and share social media responsibilities on Twitter and Instagram.

I go out on a few boats to get these photos. One boat, I own, is named the “SHIP OF FOOLS” (SOF) and I run out of Bay Park, East Rockaway N.Y. The other boat is the famous American Princess (AP) with Gotham Whale (GW) out of Riis Landing in Queens N.Y. The AP is NYC's only whale watching boat and I can't stress this must get on the AP for a NYC whale watch, it is incredible!

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Washed up deceased humpback on Breezy Point.

February 13, 2018
I received these photos a day before this post on 2-12-18. They were sent to me by the first person on the scene Dana Filipini and all photo credit goes to Dana. The sub-adult 30ft Humpback Whale was found on Breezy Point beach NY, the whale was washed up dead. It’s unknown how long the whale was there on the beach, but it looks like it was not th...
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Oil and Water dont mix - The Risks From Offshore Oil Drilling Event

February 07, 2018
Ever hear of the old saying "oil and water don't mix" well its true! And if this goes through and when (not if) there is an Oil Spill...our costal waters will be destroyed! An event hosted by Gotham Whale, All Our Energy, Surfrider Foundation - Central Long Island Chapter, Oceana - New York, Coastal Research and Education Society of Long Island, C...
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RIP #NYC0056

January 30, 2018
In early January 2018, we lost another humpback whale that we know! The whale is documented as #NYC0056 in the NYC Humpback Whale Catalog maintained by Gotham Whale. #56 washed up on the Virginia shore on 1-7-18 and the necropsy was performed by Virginia Aquarium Stranding Response Program, overseen by NOAA Fisheries. They estimated the whale to be...
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Necropsy of the East Atlantic Beach - West Long Beach Humpback.

December 27, 2017
These photos are of a Necropsy - an autopsy of a Humpback Whale. They are not for the faint of heart. Atlantic Marine Conservation Society (AMCS) was down today doing the necropsy on the beached humpback whale in East Atlantic Beach - West Long Beach area. All hands-on deck for this one, the more hands the faster it will go and that’s really goo...
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Beached Whale

December 26, 2017
Got a call on a humpback whale that was deceased and washed up on the shore of the barrier island of Long Beach/Atlantic Beach, Long Island N.Y. I called in to the USCG Station in Jones Beach and Atlantic Marine Conservation Society to let them know about the whale. I arrived at the spot and saw the sad sight of the beached humpback whale. NCPD wa...
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Whales Playing

December 20, 2017
November 2017. I went out the SHIP OF FOOLS and had a very cool experience with two Humpback Whales off Atlantic Beach and Rockaway. Here is the setup, many whales out there this day. It was towards the end of the day and I am heading back to the inlet. Off shore I see a humpback doing some tail slapping and pectoral fin slapping with a few small...
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NYC0071 Second Rescue Effort by CCS, USCG and Gotham Whale.

December 02, 2017
December 2nd is my last whale watching for the 2017 season on the SHIP OF FOOLS, it’s not my choice but my boat needs to be out of the water on November 30 th, but something Important was happening on the 2 nd so I pushed the date back a few days! The Marine Animal Entanglement Response team (MAER) from the Center for Coastal Studies (CCS) was bac...
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Reynolds Channel Whale Event/Incident Action Plan

November 18, 2017
Reynolds Channel Whale Event/Incident Action Plan. I need to say it was an honor and a privilege to be part of this operation, it was an incredible opportunity. I had no idea how much preparation, man hours and hard work it takes to go from start to finish on a situation like this. The start time for briefing was 6am and mission start time was...
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Reynolds the Humpback Whale situation.

November 17, 2017
Reynolds the Humpback Whale situation. The first effort by the DEC was valiant and I appreciate that an effort was at least exercised. It failed because it was one boat, lacking backup support due to it being a “Monitoring Operation”. There needs to be monitoring time, it’s been more than 10 days, everyone knows where we are at. It’s now “time to...
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"Operation Reynolds" Trying to help save Reynolds the Humpback In Reynolds Channel

November 16, 2017
I am no whale expert, I have more knowledge than some and much less knowledge than others. I also am not a writer, read have been warned. Here is my facebook, twitter and Instagram if you want to follow Since last week I have been getting reports and seeing mentions of a Humpback in Reynolds channel. Reynold’s channel is a very wide and d...
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Rescue effort for Humpback Whale NYC0071 from CCS and USCG off Long Beach, NY.

November 12, 2017
On Sunday November 12 th, 2017, the Marine Animal Entanglement Response team (MAER) from the Center for Coastal Studies (CCS) was off the Long Island Coast, specifically Lido West and Long Beach this weekend and here’s why. I was out on the SHIP OF FOOLS November 3 rd and met up with a Humpback Whale. I got a great fluke shot, looked at it on the...
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Dolphins at sunset and 2 Fin Back Whales.

November 01, 2017
I got home a little late to go out on a Whale Watch but with just 30 days left in my whale watching season, everyday counts, I must go out. I was on the boat ready to push off and a friend Andrea walks over. I said, jump on, let’s go on a whale watch and then there were two! The conditions looked good on the reports 1-2 ocean swell light winds. WR...
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An early morning family whale watch on the SHIP OF FOOLS.

October 22, 2017
Sunday, October 22nd my sisters wanted to do a whale watch and what a perfect day for it, bright sunshine, 75 degrees, very light winds and ocean conditions were flat and glassy. Went out of ER inlet and we got on a whale quick. It was a lazy whale, going at its own speed and passing on some serious bunker pods, this whale was in sleep mode or it...
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5 Humpbacks and 70 Dolphin

October 14, 2017
Some of the best days I have had photographing Humpbacks here in the Western NY Bight as Gotham Whales photographer have been on those days where its dark, grey and foggy. So, when conditions get like this I get my gear ready for a good day. Saturday, October 14 th going out on the Humpback Whale and Dolphin Adventure on the American Princess. The...
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Common and Bottlenose along with #NYC0058

October 08, 2017  •  2 Comments
I love bringing people in on one of the best kept secrets of NYC - the fact that there is an actual real deal 95 foot Whale Watching boat in NYC! The boat is called the American Princess and it departs with Gotham Whale its research arm from Riis Landing, Queens. I cant stress this enough...get on that boat and see this stuff for yourself. You will...
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