This is my personal blog, I write about what I see and experience while I am out whale watching. I am far from a writer but know my way around the ocean and a camera. My focus is documenting Humpback Whales here in the waters of NYC, LI and North NJ also known as the Western New York Bight.

I work for Gotham Whale as their official photographer and Photo Curator of the NYC Humpback Whale Catalog (NYCHWC). As Photo Curator, I focus on markings on the fluke or other areas. I match up the flukes and markings to the whales we have in the NYCHWC. When a humpback whale photo has no match to the NYCHWC, a number is assigned (example NYC00011) and that whale is now in the catalog. If it's a match, we have a returning Humpback Whale to the Western Bight. I also am responsible for GW’s facebook page and share social media responsibilities on Twitter and Instagram.

I go out on a few boats to get these photos. One boat, I own, is named the “SHIP OF FOOLS” (SOF) and I run out of Bay Park, East Rockaway N.Y. The other boat is the famous American Princess (AP) with Gotham Whale (GW) out of Riis Landing in Queens N.Y. The AP is NYC's only whale watching boat and I can't stress this must get on the AP for a NYC whale watch, it is incredible!

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5 humpbacks in Raritan!

July 20, 2018
Friday July 20 th A great crowd on the AP today, with a bunch of regulars. The ocean conditions didn’t matter, we stayed in lower NY Harbor and Raritan Bay. Wind was 15-20mph with bright sunshine and 75 degrees, a perfect day out on the American Princess Cruises Whale and Dolphin Adventure! Things started out different today than any other whale a...
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NYC0081 and 50 Dolphins

June 30, 2018
What a day yesterday! Light winds and near flat conditions. Water temps are up in the high 60’s, the water was a beautiful green/blue and clear. We met up with NYC0081 and right away its apparent it is NYC0081 because it has a unique fluke. The fluke is curved up on both sides, it stands out from all the others I have seen. When you spend day aft...
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The Dogs of War

June 22, 2018
The Dogs of War Summer Benefit Concert for Our Veterans Kickoff the Summer of 2018 & Salute the Men and Women of our Armed Forces Jonathan Crist Mike Martino Mark Ambrosino Joe Saladino Jack Vitale Vinny Muscarella Laura Schaefer Bill Blais Jennifer Eichel Larry Eisner Pat Owens Jeb Ambrosino Steve Orlando Eddie Ambrosino &...
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NYC0071 the entangled Humpback returns to NYC?

June 22, 2018
Incredible news! I was out on the American Princess Friday June 22 nd. East wind blowing hard, kicking up the ocean. Slight rain good visibility. We charged out past the Breezy Point Jetty and immediately the ocean assaulted us. Headed east to Long Beach but the waves were causing people to get sick, so we turned towards Sandy Hook and Raritan Ba...
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a Humpback and 100 Dolphins

June 17, 2018
A perfect day out on the water today Partly Cloudy, 72 degrees with SW winds 5 to 10 kt, waves 1 ft or less. A good crowd out on the “Atlantic Pearl” the American Princess Cruises second whale watching boat. We charged out of breezy and headed South. We were a good 7 miles out and met up with a lively pod of Dolphins. They were feeding and playing...
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June 09, 2018
Here’s some shots of Belmont before the Belmont Stakes this week. Had the pleasure of a Bell 429 helicopter ride above and was at the track a few times on the ground. Today will be fun 90+ thousand, a chance to see a Triple Crown happen and Third Eye Blind closing it out!...
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2018-06-02 5 Humpbacks and 50+ Dolphins off Rockaway

June 02, 2018
Calm seas, light winds and reports of Whales and Dolphins off all NY beaches. Looks like it will be a good day out on the American Princess Cruises newest addition to the fleet the “ATLANTIC PEARL” We headed out of breezy and quickly came upon a Humpback Whale. It was a mellow humpback, maybe it was sleepy or sleeping (but it was not logging)? Thi...
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Dead Humpback Whale on Long Beach - The Circus is in town!

May 19, 2018
How sad is this! AND I am not just talking about the dead Humpback Whale on the beach, I’m talking about the crowd, their actions and everything about it. The Circus is town! 5-18-2018 An adolescent, 2-6 years old, 33-foot Female Humpback Washed up on the barrier island beach called Long Beach in Nassau County on Long Island NY. A very populated a...
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WHAT A DAY! 2 Humpbacks and 1 was an acrobat!

May 12, 2018
WHAT A D AY! Today was one of the best American Princess Whale Watches I have ever been on...PERIOD! Saturday May 12 th NOON, Conditions at the time of the cruise “GOOD” – DRY, cloudy/overcast, air temp 59, water temp 54, winds E-ESE 8-15, 1-2ft chop. We met up with the first whale very quickly. It was the same one we saw on Sunday (the one that...
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Saturday May 5th. One "NEW" Humpback #NYC0078 aka "CINCO" and 70 Dolphin

May 05, 2018
May 5 th the first Whale Watch for Gotham Whale on the American Princess Cruises in the 2018 Whale Watching season. The ocean conditions were perfect with light variable winds and a 5-foot ground swell. A small crowd on hand but they made up for it with enthusiasm. We pushed off at noon and headed out to sea. We came upon a small pod of dolphins o...
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My photos used by the press.

April 16, 2018
This is where I will post some of the media coverage that includes my photos. MY FAVORITE PIECE, THE NEW YORKER (No Photos) ABC NEWS - Why whales are returning to New York City's once polluted waters 'by the ton' Pew Trust - Support Pours In for Conserving Menhaden Along the Atlantic Coa...
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Saturday April 14th 2018, Swinburne Island Seals

April 14, 2018
Conditions were very nice at the beginning of the run. Light winds at the start, picking up as the cruise went on. Temps were in the 70’s at the dock when we pushed off and it did get a little chilly at times on that open water. Ocean waves are not a factor with the Seal cruise to Swinburne Island, NY bay/harbor was a flat to 1ft chop. A nice crow...
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